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Ty Moore

"This was such an amazing experience for the kids, even the staff enjoyed themselves..."

Kristy Friel

 “The kids LOVED Tony Temple!!!! His team had the children laughing, attentive, engaged and having an

awesome time." 


Our focus is to give families in underserved communities tools and  resources to improve their overall wellness and create bonds that strengthen family ties.  

We are all connected to one another through an invisible link called humanity, in some areas our links and chains are broken. 


Children in under-resourced areas suffer the most. It is super important to make health and wellness fun for kids at the earliest age possible. 

Become a link to help fill in the broken chain to keep all of our children in underserved communities connected to the best choices and experiences we can give! 

Temple Made Foundation  a not-for-profit, section 501(c)(3) 

SINCE 2021


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(A $30 donation will sponsor one family with our Animal Movement Wellness Package.)

(T-Shirt, A.M. Book, Wellness bag)


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