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Phase 4 - TMF 100/100 RULE


TMF Friends will learn the “HOW TO's” — healing, repairing, and maintaining 
overall wellness.

Nutrition and diet is equally important to the mind & body. Alternative ways to achieve recommended daily intake of fruits, vegetables, and proteins will be provided.

Quarterly Nutrition Workshops will be held at TMF Satellite locations. It is encouraged that the workshop experience is shared with family and friends.

Phase 4 will also include an introduction to TMF Perk Partners,.

Thanks to our partners  Natural Grocers and Whole Food Stores we will learn how to shop and navigate through the grocery-store for your new lifestyle change, you will have a register Dietitian to help assist you and develop a custom plan for you. We understand that every one is unique, and we will explore what your needs and cravings are to curate the best healthy delicious plan for you.

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